Concepts of Probability

Stat 134 with Hank Ibser, Fall '17.



Hank Ibser

  • MWF 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm, 2050 Valley Life Sciences


hankibser At berkeley DOT edu

Head uGSIs:

Andy Palan (Malayandi Palaniappan) and Dibya Ghosh


Mastery of the material in Appendices 1-4 of the text, fluency with calculus (derivatives and integrals) in two variables, and – these are crucial – clear logical reasoning and strong problem-solving skills. Test yourself on some practice problems.


Probability, Jim Pitman

  • Assignments are posted on the Homework tab here. They are due each Wednesday in section, by 20 minutes after the hour. (i.e. If your section starts at 3 pm, you must hand in your homework by 3.20 pm at the latest).

  • Papers will be graded on a 0/1 scale. Each assignment will consist of 8 problems. A good attempt at 6 or more problems will receive the score of 1; anything else will get 0. Course staff will define what constitutes a "good attempt." We will be looking for reasoning and detailed work shown – it is assumed that you will show work or provide reasoning whether or not the question asks for it.

  • Your two lowest homework scores will be dropped from the computation of the homework component of your final grade.

  • No late homeworks will be accepted and cheating will not be tolerated. While you are encouraged to work with other people, you must write up your own solutions.

  • There will be four quizzes during the term, in section, on dates listed in the calendar below. Quizzes will not be given at any other time. You must take your quiz in the section in which you are enrolled.

  • Your lowest quiz score will be dropped from the computation of the quiz component of your final grade.

  • Midterm: Friday 6th October, in lecture.

  • Final: Wednesday 13th December, 3-6 pm. Location TBA.

  • Maximum Of:

  • 10% Homework, 30% Quizzes, 20% Midterm, 40% Final

  • 10% Homework, 30% Quizzes, 60% Final