Concepts of Probability

Stat 134 with Adam Lucas, Spring '23.


Adam Lucas
alucas AT berkeley DOT edu
Adam did his BS in Chemistry at McGill University and his Ph.D in Mathematics (representation theory) at MIT. He was a NIH research fellow at UCSF in the area at protein folding and is a continuing lecturer in the Statistics department since 2015. Adam enjoys freestyle windsurfing.
  • M 11 AM - 12 PM, W 11 - 1 PM @ SLC


Neo Yin
yinzhang AT berkeley DOT edu
Hi everyone! My name is Neo and I’m a first-year Statistics PhD student. Outside of studying, teaching and doing research, I love to gym, play games (board games and video games) and dance. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, comments, smart remarks, jokes, memes, or greetings. Looking forward to working with you through Spring 2023.
  • TuTh 4-5 pm @ Evans 332
  • TuTh 5-6 pm @ Evans 332
  • M 4-6 pm @ SLC
  • F 5-7 pm @ Virtual SLC
  • Hsiang-Chuan Sha
    hsiangchuan_sha AT berkeley DOT edu
    Hi everyone, I'm currently a MA student in statistics.
    • TuTh 11-12pm @ Evans 332
    • TuTh 12-1pm @ Evans 334
  • Th 3-5 pm @ SLC
  • F 3-5 pm @ Virtual SLC
  • Gabriel Raposo
    raposo AT berkeley DOT edu
    Hello, my name is Gabriel. I'm a second year PhD student at the stats department. Besides academics I enjoy reading, playing video games and trying new foods.
    • TuTh 9-10am @ Evans 334
    • TuTh 10-11am @ Evans 332
  • M 10-1 pm @ SLC
  • F 12-1 pm @ Virtual SLC
  • Nicholas Liskij
    nliskij AT berkeley DOT edu
    I'm a second year PhD student in the statistics depatment. Previously, I completed a BS and an MA in math at UCLA. In my free time, I enjoy hiking.
    • TuTh 9-10am @ Evans 332
    • TuTh 1-2pm @ Evans 334
  • TuTh 11-1 pm @ SLC
  • Mriganda Basu Roy Chowdhury
    mriganka_brc AT berkeley DOT edu
    Mriganka is a second year PhD student in statistics.
    • TuTh 11-12pm @ Evans 332
    • TuTh 2-3pm @ Evans 332
  • TuTh 1-3 pm @ SLC
  • Taejoo Ahn
    taejoo_ahn AT berkeley DOT edu
    Taejoo is a PhD student in statistics.
    • TuTh 2-3pm @ Evans 334
    • TuTh 3-4pm @ Evans 332
  • W 9-1 pm @ SLC