Concepts of Probability

Stat 134 with Adam Lucas, Spring '19.


Adam Lucas
alucas AT berkeley DOT edu
Adam did his BS in Chemistry at McGill University in Canada and his Ph.D in Mathematics (representation theory) at MIT. He was a NIH research fellow at UCSF in the area at protein folding, and then taught at Mills College and Saint Mary’s College before moving to Cal as a lecturer in Statistics in 2015. Adam is a competitive long distance runner, and follows his 13 year old son Lance to his tennis tournaments most weekends.
  • MWF 12-1 pm

Head uGSIs

Brian Thorsen
brianthorsen AT berkeley DOT edu
Hi everyone! I'm a 4th year Stats major, originally from Los Angeles. Aside from teaching, I enjoy playing music (upright and electric bass), cooking and trying new recipes, and convincing local animals to live at my house.
  • MW 2-3 pm @ 344 Evans (Section 103)
  • MW 4-5 pm @ 334 Evans (Section 107)
  • Mon 12-1 pm (SLC)
  • Tu 11 am - 1 pm (SLC)
  • Th 10-11 am (SLC)
Yiming Shi
ys1998 AT berkeley DOT edu
Hey, I’m Yiming, a 3rd year majoring in statistics and economics. In my free time, I like hiking, getting caffeine-free boba, watching K-pop videos on YouTube, following crime TV shows and playing with random cats whenever I see them.
  • MW 2-3 pm @ 334 Evans (Section 101)
  • MW 3-4 pm @ 334 Evans (Section 104)
  • Tu 10 am - 12 pm (SLC)
  • Wed 10-11 am (SLC)
  • Th 11 am - 12 pm (SLC)


Ella Hiesmayr
ella.hiesmayr AT berkeley DOT edu
I am a 1st year PhD student in stats and plan on doing research in probability theory. Before that I did my undergrad and masters in Vienna and Istanbul, both in maths. During my masters I mainly worked on problems in discrete probability, right now I mainly try to discover new topics.
  • MW 3-4 pm @ 344 Evans (Section 106)
  • MW 4-5 pm @ 344 Evans (Section 108)
  • Tu 1-2 pm (446 Evans)
  • WedFri 12-1 pm (SLC)
  • Fri 2-3pm (446 Evans)
Jacob Calvert
jacob_calvert AT berkeley DOT edu
I’m a second-year PhD student from the Midwest. Other than probability theory, I like peanut sauce and film noir, especially when David Lynch does it.
  • MW 5-6 pm @ 332 Evans (Section 109)
  • MW 6-7 pm @ 332 Evans (Section 111)
  • Mon 3-4 pm (446 Evans)
  • Wed 4-5 pm (446 Evans)
  • Th 8-10 am (446 Evans)
Mehdi Ouaki
mouaki AT berkeley DOT edu
I'm a second-year PhD student, working on probability theory. Before coming to Berkeley, I did my undergraduate studies in Paris. In my free time, I mainly play soccer or go swimming
  • MW 2-3 pm @ 340 Evans (Section 102)
  • MW 3-4 pm @ 340 Evans (Section 105)
  • TuTh 2-4 pm (446 Evans)